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Contact Robinson Law to help you modify your loan. A few hours a week on the phone with the loan company and trying to identify the right papers to send in for consideration can be daunting. We can help!

What is a Loan Modification?

When the lender  and borrower  enter into a new agreement that  modifies the original agreement. For example, a Bank may allow a Homeowner to defer or delay several monthly payments without any penalty based on changed circumstances. 


What Parts of the Loan can be Modified?

There are several components to a loan. 

  • The Rate, or Interest  

  • The Term which is a number of months or years 

  • The Principle which is the total owed 

  • The Payment which is the amount you must pay each month 

  • Penalties -- Some loans have early repayment fees. 

  • Costs -- These are the "fees" that are charged to get or modify the loan 

  • First payment due date

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